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Garage Door Services in

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Are you in need of the best garage door repair in Southlake TX?

Usually, the concern may be quite simple to identify and the solution is also not that difficult. Located in the Northwest portion of the great state of Texas and the center of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, the beautiful city of Southlake.

As every family thrives to buy a car or vehicle through time, did you know that here in Southlake, 2,348 of these houses have three or more cars? Garages exist for a car’s parking space, and having garage doors will protect cars or any other vehicles especially here in Southlake. Install a garage door in your home now for it is one the best advancement projects rendering convenience and enhancing the curb appeal of your home. It also ensures adequate protection and safety at home, particularly for pets and children.

Here are some of the services offered here in Family Door and Gate::

  • Garage door maintenance and repair services
  • Garage door installation services
  • Garage door replacement services
  • Garage door emergency repair services

Garage Door Installation 

Selecting a new stylish garage door for your home may oftentimes be a challenge. Here in Family Door and Gate, finding the perfect garage door is our main specialty!

Some of the curb appeal design we offer  are:

  • Ranch 
  • Contemporary
  • Mediterranean
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Craftsman
  • Colonial
  • Tudor

We have an array of choices that are storm resistant and code approved, guaranteed in high precision to ensure your garage door will last for decades.


Garage Door Repairs

Lubrication of rollers, fixation of springs and cables, and evaluation of all sensors and remote controls are all included in the services available in car garage maintenance check here in Family Door and Gate! 

  • Lubricate the Moving Parts
  • Test the Door Balance
  • Clean and Paint the Door
  • Clear the Tracks

Here are also some of the factors to consider when determining your need for garage door repair service:

  • Door Opener Switch Not Working
  • Door stuck when trying to open or close
  • Noisy garage door sounds when opening or closing
  • Motor Runs Without Door Moving
  • Garage Door Opening Unevenly
  • Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close


Garage Door Replacement

Some common garage door repairs can be easily and quickly solved with the assistance of a professional technician, while others will indicate the need for an entirely new garage door replacement. To know whether your garage door would most benefit from minor repairs, note the following operational issues:

  • Slow operations or response times
  • Garage door off its tracks
  • Off-balance or sagging door
  • Vibration or other noise
  • Problems opening or closing the door

When you notice those signs, your garage door is in need of repair. Trust one of our experts here in Family Door and Gate to inspect your garage door quickly, assuring you with high-quality repairs using the best tools and techniques available.